The Cannabis Buyers' Clubs of Canada, Victoria BC, has been providing cannabis products to people with permanent physical disabilities or diseases since 1996

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For the following two recipes we make Flax seed water as a vegan alternative to eggs

Heat 2 tbsp flax seed in 1 cup of water till boil then reduce to a simmer until thick. Strain and use gelatin water – good for 6-8 tbsp’s, save any extra in the fridge. Flax water is a good binding alternative to eggs for vegan diets.

Lozenges contain Chinese Wolf berries, Slippery Elm Bark, flax seed water, lecithin, and Cannoil. They are excellent for mouth problems; tooth aches, abscesses and sore throats; intestinal disorders, warding off colds, strep throats and is an excellent pain killer. Wolfberries help fight free radical damage that lead to DNA and genetic mutations and cancers. They improve sleep, digestion, memory, the kidneys, liver and heart functions, accelerate healing, re-store libido and regulate blood cells balance of sugars and pressures.

Put 5 tbsp. slippery elm bark to coat your grinder
Add 2 1⁄2 Cups of Dried Wolfberries
Blend till fine
Makes 2 cups wolfberry powder
Add 2 tbsp. thick flax seed water
1/3 cup Cannoil/extra strength oil
Mix well

Coat the tray holes with liquid lecithin (spread very thin) and add mix to fill tray Refrigerate for a few hours to let them bind and harden slightly Wrap in wax paper individually and refrigerate