The Cannabis Buyers' Clubs of Canada, Victoria BC, has been providing cannabis products to people with permanent physical disabilities or diseases since 1996

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We prefer to use the saved cheesecloth bags of strained leaf from our Olive/Grape seed Oil (not Butter) preparations to make Cannapatches.

Simply take a 1’ by 2’ length of cheesecloth and lay it before you. Add a as much oiled strained leaf as will make a square slightly off center Make the first fold (fold end closest to herb over to cover) Add a patch of wax paper Make the second fold (top and bottom) Tape the ends Fold the longer side over Turn over the patch making a square Tape up remaining edges (tape over the wax paper side) Press it flat with a rolling pin Store in bags and Refrigerate


Rub some cannabis massage oil on skin the first. Tape a Cannapatch directly over affected area. (If the skin is broken, cover with a sterile gauze). Cannapatch may be used several times if it is not applied to infection or directly onto bleeding.

Cannapatches are an excellent muscle relaxant, provides superior pain relief, and stops bruising and migraine headaches.

To heal broken bones, keep a Cannapatch in place for 10 days to 3 weeks (changing every couple of days).

Apply directly to insect stings and bites, varicose veins, sore joints and muscles. Relieves arthritic inflammation and rheumatic pains.

May be used to pull infections (including sties), insect bites and stings. Cannapatch may also be used to relieve sore, inflamed eyes as well as pinkeye.

Warm and place Cannapatch on upset or cramping stomachs, irritable bowels, or menstrual complaints. Cannapatch may be used to treat 1st degree burns and chemical burns not requiring medical attention.

May be used with your regular pain medication.