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Marijuana preventing and treating Alzheimer’s

Posted on November 28th, 2011 by by owen

Marijuana linked to preventing and treating Alzheimer’s disease Americans for Safe Access also has links to research studies suggesting that cannabis may help in the treatment or prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and cancer, while the International Association for Cannabis as Medicine highlights the following medical uses Alzheimer’s disease is the leading cause of dementia [...]

Cannabinoids in 21st Century Medicine

Posted on November 28th, 2011 by by owen

Dr. David Bearman presents “Cannabis and Cannabinoids in 21st Century Medicine: Medical Marijuana in the Clinic”. Date: Nov. 13, 2007 Location: UW-Madison Medical School David Bearman M.D., Santa Barbara, California, is one of the leading physicians in the U.S. in the field of medical marijuana. He has spent 40 years working in substance and drug [...]